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White paper and mixed office paper adds up and we can help.

What is paper recyling?

It is the reprocessing of waste paper that has been discarded to produce a recycled form of paper made from the original materials. This includes re-purposing old newspapers and magazines, containers, used or unwanted paper materials, scraps from paper mills, etc.

Helpful for the environment?

Paper recycling is popularly associated with the movement to preserve the world’s forests, but paper recycling can also save around 30,000 liters of water and up to 4000 kWh of electricity, just to name a few examples.

Why should we recycle paper?

For waste, such as paper, recycling can be the best option for your business. The benefits are plenty, since it is one of the simplest forms of recycling and it removes the needs for cluttered, expensive storage while improving profits.


& Answers

The answers to the questions above are no secret. Working in waste reduction and recycling, we receive many questions about waste stream management, from business and municipalities of all sizes.

Office Paper / Printing Paper

Made from the pulp of wood, grasses, or other fibrous materials, paper is used in everything from newspapers to packaging materials to cleaning products. It is one of the most used—and most disposed of—materials in the world.

Paper products including food packaging, newspapers, and cardboard materials make up the largest component of municipal solid waste in the U.S. according to the EPA. Nearly 70 percent of this is recycled—the highest recycling rate of all municipal solid waste.

The average business generates tons of paper waste every year. Most of it comes from shredded documents, packaging, paper bags, newspapers, and magazines.

How helpful is it to the environment?

As the saying goes, "one man's trash, is another man's treasure," but now you can have it both ways. How you dispose of waste within your business reflects on your attitude towards the environment and sustainability. Taking an active approach to reducing your business’s impact on landfill and reducing your carbon emissions will include what you do with your waste. In turn, recycling has the potential to translate into a powerful sales and marketing tool. It can also earn customer loyalty and secure contracts in an age when environmental considerations are more important than ever.

Studies in recent years have shown that morale is better in businesses with a recycling ethos. Reputable waste management providers such as Madison Fibers, offer the assurance of responsible recycling. This means it will be collected and disposed of ethically. At Madison Fibers we can help dispose of almost any kind of waste. On top of that, being recycling specialists, we are passionate about providing tailor made waste solutions to every kind of business or municipality.

Responsibly managing paper waste is good for the environment, your bottom line, and your business image.

Why recycle our paper?

As straightforward as it may seem, misunderstandings and mistakes around recycling are a regular occurrence. This often leads to contaminated waste and heavier general waste bins. Madison Fibers will work with businesses and municipalities to make recycling easy for you and your staff, encouraging a sustainability culture which then extends beyond the workplace.

Does your company have an effective paper recycling program? Madison Fibers can provide paper recycling solutions for your business that offers:

  • Complete / customized recycling services to make the most of your company’s scrap paper.
  • Full service processing to handle any and all of your materials.
  • Complete brokerage services to coordinate and handle all shipments.
  • Experienced, friendly staff to respond to your individual requests and service requirements.
  • Competitive pricing to ensure you increase your profits.
  • Help to lower your landfill expenses.
  • Assistance in reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Sales guidance on how your recycling will generate revenue.

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We thrive on long-term relationships by being flexible partners open to new opportunities, always finding the best value and guaranteeing transparent service. Contact Madison Fibers today to discuss how you can get the most out of your waste stream.

We offer a full range of recycling services and products, from recycling consulting, recycling equipment and supplies, to recycling pickup and transport services.

Go ahead & dump it on us

We offer a full range of recycling services and products, from recycling consulting, recycling equipment and supplies, to recycling pickup and transport services.


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